Company of St. René Goupîl

An apostolate of the annual Pilgrimage for Restoration to Our Lady's Shrine of Martyrs at Auriesville, NY

request to inventory equipment etc. & to e-mail the list to your CSRG supervisor – Pilgrimage 2017

Dear fellow-CSRGer,

Before Monday, 16 October, please type up a simple “inventory” — a list of equipment or items — that you have brought home from Pilgrimage that belong to the organization, and e-mail it to your R.O.

    In the same e-mail, please list — separately — two additional sorts of items that you might use on pilgrimage:

  1. All items belonging to you which you have used on pilgrimage — for instance, a vehicle, bungie or electrical cords, trailer hitch, lanterns, tents, lighting equipment, banners, missals, Mass accoutrements, radio, cell phone, cooking utensils, duct tape, etc. etc.
  2. All items which you do not have — or which the pilgrimage does not have — but should or even must be acquired for next year’s pilgrimage.

Please be clear & precise, so everyone will know next year … when memories fade … exactly how to identify the equipment or/and other items from your description. Include your name and contact info on the list.

R.O.s, before next Wednesday, October 16, please pass those lists on via e-mail to your respective Dept. Head: X.O. of the II. Dept. for Logistics, Rebecca Kanzenbach, or to the Chief of the I. Dept. for Liturgical-Prep, James Gillenkirk.

Please send me a cc of the same.

Thanks in anticipation.

Douglas Fleming, acting-Vice-Director
Company of St. René Goupîl

Bloomfield, Iowa
641/664-3253 h-tel


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