Company of St. René Goupîl

An apostolate of the annual Pilgrimage for Restoration to Our Lady's Shrine of Martyrs at Auriesville, NY

walking directions – Pilgrimage 2019

Greetings, CSRG-pilgrims and other pilgrim-organizers.

The written directions for the walking column can be viewed & downloaded by clicking here.

The directions include corrections of errors in last year’s directions & improvements/clarifications of descriptions of some steps.

Contact information for civil authorities, organizers, property owners, etc. can be found on the directions as well.

Please print-out a copy or two of the directions, and bring them along to pilgrimage for a fellow-pilgrim organizer ONLY.

As is the custom & charity, please do not share them with the ‘plain-vanilla’ walking pilgrims. The distances only distract them from “the One Thing Alone Necessary” on pilgrimage, and tend also seriously to dishearten them.


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