Company of St. René Goupîl

An apostolate of the annual Pilgrimage for Restoration to Our Lady's Shrine of Martyrs at Auriesville, NY

Welcome to the Company of St. René Goupîl – 2020

You’ve come to the right place.

You might want to bookmark or print-out this page in order to complete the following three steps, one-by-one, in days to come.

    Step 1.   Pray.

      Company Chaplain Fr. Joseph Favole, FSSP explains what, how and why to pray is “the one thing necessary” in this short message to you.
    Step 2.   Register.

      Everyone’s got to. No exceptions — and no worries. No more “ten-million-emails” when you submit that webform.

      If you’re still not sure you can make it, or need a little time ‘to line up a few ducks’, then please PRE-register without delay.

      In case your ready, the sooner you register the better … but only if you wish to spare some cash. There are other reasons to register before May 1 explained here.

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