Company of St. René Goupîl

An apostolate of the annual Pilgrimage for Restoration to Our Lady's Shrine of Martyrs at Auriesville, NY

Pilgrimage 2021: A note from the X.O. of the CSRG’s II. Dept. for Logistics

TO: members the II. Dept. – Logistics Company of St. René Goupîl
FROM: John Martin, X.O. [executive officer] of the II. Dept.

Dear Friend of St. René,

Thanks for signing up.

I’m a veteran of the Company, and look forward to serving pilgrims again with you, for the glory of God and our ever-deepening conversion to him — apart from whom we can do nothing. (Jn. xv, 5)

1. E-mail Fr. Favole, CSRG Chaplain, no later than three days after signing-up

2. After that, contact your R.O. [responsible officer] — within three days of e-mailing Fr. Favole (as above).

  • a. That’s Lucy Zignego, 262/224-2251, if you are serving in the Camps-Team.
  • b. That’s Joe Grab 570/534-3855, if you are serving with the Port-a-Potties-Team.
  • c. That’s Vince Vercillo 484/781-9441, if you are serving in the Communications-Team.
  • d. That’s Mrs. Maria Mitchell 484/695-6216, if you are serving in the Food Prep-Team.
  • e. That’s Jen Cilia, 570/470-9985 if you are serving in the First Aid-Team.
  • f. That’s Joel Garcia, 484/948-5083, if you are serving in the Routes-Team.
  • g. That’s John Brizek, 862/219-3392, if you are serving in the Safety-Team.
  • h. That’s Dennis Mitchell 610/390-9507, if you are serving in the Transportation-Team.
  • i. That’s Melanie Lloyd, 484/828-1039 and Bernadette Lloyd 484-597-4841 if you are serving in the Water Distribution-Team … aka the “Water Lilies”.

3. Tell your R.O. (listed above) that you’ve signed-up with the CSRG, registered (or pre-registered) for the Pilgrimage, and are ready to be briefed – a fancy way of saying, “What should I expect next?”, and “Let’s make some plans & get to work.”

Father Favole and I are counting on you & fellow-CSRGers to follow each step (above), one at a time, on time & in sync. I realize you may be tempted to take steps in the order you choose. I therefore beg the charity of your cooperation please to follow the tried & true steps of the past two decades of blessed pilgrimage — remembering that “nobody makes pilgrimage alone”.

When you do, you also stand to be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


John Martin
X.O. of the II. Dept. for Logistics
Company of St. René Goupîl
Danielsville, Pennsylvania
207/299-2918 mobile


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