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Schedule – day of recollection 2023: CSRG & other pilgrim organizers

The schedule of events for the day of recollection March 11, 2023 is linked below.

All pilgrims and pilgrim-organizers participating ‘from afar’ Read more…

CSRG Day of Recollection – reserve your place NOW gratis. Travel stipend available on request.

pilgrims_in_cathedral_of_woods-940x198   Mark your calendar!

Join fellow CSRGers (and other pilgrim-organizers) converging at Allentown, Pennsylvania, for a day of recollection Saturday, Read more…


reflections to realize by pilgrim-organizers, CSRGers not least – day of recollection, Pilgrimage for Restoration 2019

What can you, dear Pilgrim-imitator of Our Blessed Patron, learn from these Read more…

day of recollection in the works

See the main blog.

Tentative dates: a Saturday in late January or early February.

Good things are already happening in the Company … of your heavenly Patron

When Christians are united in prayer, lots of good things happen. Indeed, only good things happen. The only truly good things, in fact.

Christ rising from the dead, comes to mind.

Not, of course, as cause & effect. But the disciples, beginning with Mary Magdalen & the Pious Women bearing spices to the Tomb (as in pilgrimage) were united in one thing — the one thing necessary: their prayers of longing for Jesus to be alive among them once again.

So, remember: Christ is risen!

That means it’s time for us to get (our proverbial) act & selves together. Is there any limit to what else Christ-God can do for you, when you imitate the saints gathered around Him?

Are you united in prayer with your fellow pilgrim-organizers? If not yet, “now is the acceptable time“. (II Cor. vi. 2)

Click here to pray with them, together with your Blessed Patron: “on earth as it is in heaven.”

What else that is good is happening for pilgrim-CSRGers these days?
Read more…

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